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Looking for that purrfect pet bowl? Whether you’re after something sleek or built to last (why not both?), you and your pet will love these bowls from frank green. These stylish pet essentials are strong, lightweight and durable, able to withstand any gentle giant’s chompers (or tiny chihuahua needles)! And they look so sleek, they’ll fit in with any home design aesthetic. Made from premium food-grade stainless steel, our pet bowls in NZ feature a concave internal design to make it easier for those big or little mouths to reach their food or water, along with an anti-slip silicone mat that can resist even the fiercest nose nudges (or paw pushes).  

Not sure which size is best? Our Stainless Steel Pet Bowl - Small is ideal for tiny mouths and is engineered to be anti-vomit (it’s a cat thing). From there, you can choose from Medium, Large and Extra Large for those extra large chompers. There’s a bowl for every beloved pet here! Tired of forgetting which bowl is whose? Personalised pet bowls allow for monogramming, so you’ll never have to question whether Fido or FiFi has eaten their dinner. 

You can even tailor your own frank green accessories to your pet’s - match your pet’s collar with your reusable bottle or iced coffee cup! You’ll be turning heads wherever you go. And if you love to mix and match, our pet range includes leads and collars for the stylish Fido or feline—they’ll be the talk of the town once they’re all kitted up!


How often should you clean pet bowls?

Cleaning a frank green pet bowl is super quick and easy! Simply pop your stainless-steel pet bowl in the dishwasher (it’s 100% dishwasher safe—how’s that for convenience?) or rinse it with warm water and some dishwashing liquid.    

Its stainless-steel construction offers plenty of strength and durability, meaning they will last after many washes. Its non-slip silicone base also keeps your pet’s bowl firmly in place while they gobble down their grub to stop those mealtime mishaps!   

With the right maintenance and care (a quick clean every day should do it!), your frank green pet bowl should last for years to come. 


Should pet bowls be elevated?

Whether your pet’s bowl should be elevated or not depends on their comfort level and eating habits. frank green’s range of raised pet bowls in NZ can accommodate any pet, from the slobberiest pup to the most finicky feline. Eating and drinking is made easy thanks to their concave internal design, while their double-walled stainless-steel build can withstand even the toughest little paws (and sharpest nails)! Elevated pet bowls can also help with swallowing, promote better posture and—best of all—cut down on mess! Never again will you have to tread on a stray piece of chicken or kibble on your kitchen floor. A bowl that saves your sanity and the planet? Yes please!


What material is best for pet food bowls?

The right material for your pet’s bowl is whatever best suits their needs: Stainless steel can offer good stability while a silicone bowl is great for on-the-go drinks. frank green’s own stainless steel pet bowls are tough, hygienic and safe for cats and dogs to use again and again, made from quality food-grade materials and with its unique shape offering better access to food. Our small pet bowls are even engineered to be anti-vomit, helping your furry feline to eat with ease!  


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