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Cool sips, no drips! Keep your iced coffee icy for longer without the condensation.
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Looking to keep your iced drink cold while you sip to your heart’s content?

If you love hitting those balmy summer days with a refreshing drink in hand, our iced coffee tumbler is just the thing to put a spring in your step! Make your morning with fun colours to choose from, so there’s always a style to suit your mood or wardrobe—or keep it simple with a signature shade that will turn heads.

Whether you’re on that road trip or zipping around town, your iced coffee cup will be right by your side—designed to slot right into standard sized cup holders, just like our famous travel mugs. And the splash-resistant lid keeps everything where it should be—in your cup and not on your clothes!

Feel good about your drink of choice while helping the planet along the way. Not only are the cups reusable, so are the straws! Our reusable stainless steel straws mean it’s even easier to sip on the go, without breaking down or being tossed. It even comes with its own straw cleaning brush to make clean-up a breeze.

Know someone who loves an iced latte, tea or a cold shake (or six)? These cups make great gifts, along with our other coffee-related faves (like our French Press, Fairtrade coffee beans and more)!

What cup is best for iced coffee?

When you spend the time making the perfect iced coffee, you want it to retain all the flavours you love. The best cups for iced coffee are ones designed to maximise flavour while keeping it chill.

When looking at sustainable options stainless steel is durable, easy to clean, and great at keeping in the chill. Our premium stainless steel iced coffee cups are pretty neat (we think so anyway!). When it comes to durability, sustainability, insulation, and taste—our iced coffee cups go down a treat. 

Are reusable iced coffee cups worth it?

Reusable iced coffee cups are a great investment, as they cut down on single-use plastic waste, while keeping your drink cold and delightful. And while clear iced coffee cups let you see what you’re drinking, stainless steel cups are also a good option as they insulate better than plastic or glass (if we do say so ourselves). It’s why we use stainless steel in our Can Coolers,too! If you use an iced coffee tumbler with a straw, even better, as you can enjoy your drink on-the-go time and time again.

How do you keep iced coffee cold?

If you aren’t drinking your iced coffee straight away and want it to stay cold all day long, it can be worth freezing it first so it stays chilled for longer. Just pour your coffee straight from the french press into an ice cube tray and it’s ready to go whenever you need it! Choose your cup carefully! If you want to sip slowly, you’ll need something that can stave off the heat while keeping your drink cool. Because they’re made from stainless steel with a sleek recycled co-polymer coating on the outside, frank green iced coffee cups are great at keeping your chilled drinks cold right to the very last drop.

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