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Looking for coffee-related gifts for the caffeine lover in your life? We’ve got you (and your friend) covered. Our range of 100% sustainable coffee gifts include our innovative French coffee press. Beautiful and stylish, these presses look stunning both in use and while simply existing on the kitchen bench. Made with a ceramic inner layer and revolutionary triple-wall vacuum insulation, our French press can help retain flavour and keep coffee tasting silky smooth, and ensures that it stays piping hot throughout the day.

Looking to gift that smooth sip of coffee anytime, anywhere? Reusable cups from our award-winning collection provide a tight seal while maintaining temperature for hours. It’s the perfect gift that can be used again and again, while its beautiful, thoughtful design matches their outfit or provides a bold accent. Choose from a variety of fun colours, including black, sugary pastels, neon and glossy rainbow chrome. In fact, each rainbow chrome cup has its own unique colour finish, so no two are alike! 

Have no time to pick and choose? Our Sustainable Sip gift set includes a range of our bestsellers, so you can gift and go.


What are the best gifts for coffee lovers?

The best gifts for coffee lovers are simple, compact and easy to use. Give your mate a roasting (pun intended) with a frank green 16oz / 475ml French Press, its ceramic inner layer and integrated stainless steel mesh plunger make for a smooth blend. Once freshly made, they can then pour it into their beautifully designed ceramic reusable cup to accompany them wherever they go. Fresh coffee from home and at your side all day? It can’t get much better than that… Unless you give them everything! Our Sustainable Sip of coffee Set means you can gift and go—perfect if you need to choose a great coffee gift in a hurry. Get a French Press, a reusable cup, a scoop and some delicious Fairtrade coffee wrapped up in a neat little pack.


What do you put in a coffee themed basket?

There’s a lot of great pieces you can put in a coffee-themed basket that’ll get any coffee lover percolating: cups, mugs, espresso glasses, different varieties of coffee beans, artisanal biscuits and other baked goods. frank green also has a few things you can add, including our fantastic French Press with triple-wall vacuum insulation, reusable carry trays, insulated food containers for keeping those afternoon snacks nice and fresh, and our certified and organic Fairtrade coffee roasted by world-renowned experts right here in Australia, with cupping notes of nutty, chocolate, caramel and fruit flavours. 


Great ideas for coffee gifts

What do you get for the supreme coffee connoisseur who can tell their macchiato from their ristretto? It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but for the coffee aficionado—a good blend is no laughing matter!

There are many things they could love: A bag of their favourite coffee beans, mugs, their own coffee machine (if you really really love them), coffee-making tools like frothers, scoops and steamers—the list goes on. 

To make things easier, why not pick and choose your favourite frank green products to make your own unique gift collection? Perhaps pair your coffee gift with an insulated bottle, can cooler, stainless steel lunch box, a bag of certified and organic Fairtrade coffee or a reusable cup in either ceramic or chrome. It’ll be the gift that keeps on giving! 

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