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If you’re looking to hydrate in style with the ultimate hiking water bottles, frank green’s latest collection provides strength, style and function perfect for that next adventure (if we do say so). It’s time to hit the outdoors and know your sipping companion is right there with you—our camping water bottles don’t miss a beat.

Take your hike to the next level with a bottle that clips right to your bag, belt or walking pole—our Grip Lid is designed for easy sipping no matter where you are! Choose from a delightful array of colours, from Deep Ocean, Soft Stone, Khaki and Midnight to keep it low key, to Neon Orange that will light up your hiking journey. Or make it yours forever with a monogram of your name or initials. With this water bottle, hiking and hydration just got a whole lot cooler.

Not sure what colour you want? Take your pick—mix and match different hiking bottles and lids for a personalised colour combo that shows off your unique flair. And for those easy walking days? Choose from our other lids like our Flip Straw Lids for sipping anywhere, anytime, or our multi award-winning push button lids—you have full control over your frank green look.

Made from premium BPA-free materials, ceramic lined, and triple-wall vacuum insulated, our drink bottles keep your drinks refreshingly cold or blissfully hot for hours, whatever the weather. Imagine an ice-cold drink from your camping water bottle once you reach the top of that trail—bliss!


How do I choose a hiking water bottle?

When choosing your perfect water bottle for hiking, opt for a durable stainless steel bottle that's made to withstand the rugged outdoors. Want to enjoy an ice-cold water or hot coffee at any point? You’ll need an insulated bottle—our triple-wall vacuum insulated bottles prevent condensation on your camping drink bottle and keep your drink hot or cold for hours. Reusable, stylish and functional? We like to think so! Don’t forget about the lid, too! Look for leak-proof lids to avoid losing that precious resource, and one that can easily clip to your hiking gear (like our Grip Lids) so you always have it handy. Find a size that suits your needs - not too big to weigh you down, but not too small to leave you parched. A one or two-litre bottle may be the ideal size.


How do you attach a water bottle to a hiking backpack?

Ready to conquer the trails with your trusty hiking drink bottle? Attach it securely to your backpack with a frank green Grip Lid, featuring a stylish carabiner for easy clipping. Plus, it's spill-proof, so your backpack stays nice and dry (weather permitting, of course!). Many hiking backpacks also come equipped with bottle pockets, and are compatible with hydration sleeves, providing hands-free convenience and quick access to your frank green water bottle whenever you need a refreshing sip. 


What are the best water bottles for hiking?

When it comes to finding the best hiking water bottles for your outdoor escapades, you’ll want to note a few things. The best water bottle for hiking will have the durability of stainless steel to withstand rugged terrain, a lightweight design for easy portability, and insulation capabilities like our triple-wall vacuum insulated bottles to keep your drinks as refreshingly cold or hot as you want them. We think the best hiking water bottle is any of our stainless steel bottle bases plus our Grip Lid—a winning combo if we do say so!


How big of a water bottle should you get for hiking?

Choosing the right hiking bottle size helps ensure you have an enjoyable trek. Too big and it’s going to weigh you down, but too small and you’ll have sipped up all the water you brought! Consider your hike duration and weather conditions; for shorter trips or cooler climates, a 20oz / 595ml frank green bottle should be enough. Longer hikes or hot weather mean more water, so opt for our two or one litre bottles. Remember, a perfectly sized hiking bottle ensures you'll conquer the trails with ease and quench your thirst for adventure!


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