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Looking for a fun and sustainable way to spoil your favourite feline? Our bright designer cat products are purrfect for the little diva or chilled kitty, without sacrificing the practicality you’ve come to expect from frank green. With endless colours and styles, your cat will be looking and feel-ine fabulous whether they’re a moggie, Maine Coon, or anything in-between!

Cats are basically the acrobats of the animal kingdom, and they need special collars that can unlatch should they become stuck or trapped due to their antics. Our frank green quick-escape collars are ideal for these tiny adventurers, made from strong silicone material that stretches for an easy escape. They’re also super comfy, waterproof and a cinch to clean!

Cats have loads of personality, so why not give them something that suits their style? Perhaps a neon pink cat collar is just the ticket? Or for the more subdued feline, a blushed pink collar could be purr-fect. Maybe a blushed bandana to really step up their style game, or perhaps your ginger ninja could use a specially monogrammed stainless steel pet bowl so no one can steal their hard-earned supper (and second supper… or third). From mealtime, to playtime, to elevating their style, frank green’s cat collection has everything they need.  

We also have a range of silicone bowls in six eye-catching colours for those adventure cats on the go. They fit snugly onto the bottom of our 34oz/1,000ml Ceramic Reusable Bottles, meaning you can mix and match your colour combinations! They’re also dishwasher-safe, so what’s not to love? 


What are the most popular cat accessories?

Popular cat accessories often focus on enrichment, so think scratching posts, climbing towers, and squeaky toys you can dangle to get them moving. While cat toys and towers are certainly popular, there are also those practical considerations to think about, such as cat feeding bowls for mealtimes and collars for walk-abouts. Why not delight your frisky furball after playtime with a monogrammed bowl? They’re sleek and stylish, just like your fur baby, and made out of premium food-grade stainless steel so they won’t wear out. They're also designed to be anti-vomit (it's a cat thing). Plus they’re dishwasher-safe, so no elbow-grease needed!


What things should I buy for my cat?

There are plenty of cat products online that make finding the perfect cat products a breeze. A good starting point is a litter tray, food and water bowls, collars, interactive toys, a brush, scratching posts and shelves to climb on, and somewhere comfy for nap time. Personalised cat products are a fun way to give them style and personality, so while it’s not essential, it’s a great idea to also have a monogrammed bowl just for Fluffy (or Sir Thomas Rainbow the Third).


Benefits of sustainable cat products

We all want to do our bit for the planet, and what better way than investing in high-quality products that will stand the test of time? Whether it’s a sturdy and sculptural stainless-steel bowl, a strong yet flexible cat collar, or a bandana that’s made from innovative ecorpet© fabric (aka approximately six recycled, single-use pet bottles), you can always feel good about your frank green cat accessories. Plus, they last for ages, which is just as well since they’re so stylish you’ll never want to get rid of them!


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