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Our signature range of reusable bottles! Beautifully-designed and functional, you'll want to carry them everywhere.
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Looking for a stylish and sustainable way to stay hydrated? frank green's reusable bottles will quench your thirst while being kind to the planet. Our drink bottles are made using premium BPA-free materials, are ceramic lined, and triple-wall vacuum insulated for those refreshingly cold or comfortingly hot drinks on-the-go. Our Flip Straw Lids make it even easier to sip anywhere, anytime. Swish them around in some soapy water, dry and it’s ready to use (again). Perfect for home or on the road, you can use these as travel bottles to keep refreshed when you need it. It’s a stainless steel drink bottle for NZ weather—it'll withstand the ice-cold snows, and keep your drinks cool in the warmer summers. 

Can’t get enough of chrome? A stainless steel water bottle isn't your regular metal water bottle. In fact, they give that high-shine finish with ease—every Chrome Collection product comes with an ECORPET® microfibre polishing cloth to banish dust and fingerprints for a drink bottle that’s always camera-ready. 

The best part: frank green bottles are interchangeable—switch it up by mixing and matching colours to suit your style, outfit or mood. From the base, lids, straw lid and reusable straw lid strap, you have total control over how your frank green ceramic reusable bottle looks. Speaking of lids, our reusable bottles come with your choice of straw lids or our multi award-winning push button lids—it all comes down to your preferred sipping style. Want to join the reusable revolution? Stylish water bottles in NZ from frank green are a great start.

What are BPA free drink bottles?

BPA free water bottles are crafted using high-quality materials free from the chemical bisphenol A (BPA), which is often used in the production of plastic products. At frank green, you can sip with confidence knowing your insulated water bottle is 100% BPA-free and safe for you to use.

Can I put hot liquids in a reusable water bottle?

When it comes to your frank green insulated drink bottle in NZ, you can do it all:hot coffee,cold teas, and everything in-between. Just remember, if it’s hot, we recommend opting for apush-button lid! Thanks to its triple-wall vacuum insulation, your drink stays warmer or cooler for longer, and its spill-proof design makes it impervious to roller-coasters or being used as maracas.

Are reusable water bottles safe to use?

Yes, our reusable stainless steel bottles are safe to use. Thanks to being BPA-free, and made from FDA and EU approved materials, your frank green bottle can be with you for years to come. Not only does this make it safe for everyday use, its ceramic lining and triple-wall vacuum insulation means you can lock in your hot or cold drink—and its flavour—for hours!

How often should I wash my drink bottle?

We recommend giving your frank green insulated water bottle a quick wash after each use to keep it fresh for your next refill. Cleaning your frank green stainless steel drink bottle or ceramic water bottle is easy-peasy. Simply pop it in some soapy water, give it a wipe over with a soft sponge and either air dry or wipe dry with a towel. You can also add the lid of your drink bottle to the dishwasher for an even easier clean.