Autumn essentials for a sustainable season

Elevate your sustainable habits and stay toasty this autumn with these six essentials. The perfect (and of course beautifully-designed) sustainable solutions for a range of autumnal dilemmas.


34oz/1L Ceramic Reusable Bottle

As autumn creeps in and it starts to get colder, we know how easy it is to forget to drink water. Luckily, we have the perfect solution to combat this seasonal slump: our 34oz/1L Ceramic Reusable Bottle! Its multi award-winning design has triple-wall vacuum insulation, ensuring your drink remains at the perfect temperature, whether it's toasty warm to beat the cold or refreshingly cool. If you’re struggling to find a frank green that feels like you, no worries! Check out our new colour lineup: Chocolate, Evergreen, Sweet Peach and Atomic Red to find your colour. If you like to Mix and Match, check out our newest colour combinations Chocolate & Blushed, Evergreen & Sky Blue, Sweet Peach & Neon Orange and the show-stopping Atomic Red & Neon Pink. 


Bottle Bumper Guard

Add another layer of customisation, while also protecting your frank green from day one with our Bottle Bumper Guard! Match your Bottle Bumper Guard to your lid, bottle or even your outfit to level up your autumn wardrobe. We have Bottle Bumper Guards to fit almost every bottle, Small for our 20oz/595ml Ceramic Reusable Bottle (and all cups) or Large for our 34oz/1L Ceramic Reusable Bottle. Our Bottle Bumper Guards are not only stylish, but also offer protection and are designed with a slot for your Apple AirTag® or Tile®, so you’ll never leave your bottle behind again.


12oz/355ml Ceramic Reusable Cup

Stay warm this autumn with our 12oz/355ml Ceramic Reusable Cup! As the leaves begin to turn and the air gets colder, there's no better on-the-go companion than this beautifully-designed cup. Plus, say goodbye to messy mishaps with our multi award-winning Push Button Lid’s leak-resistant design and relax knowing that you won’t be sharing your coffee with the inside of your bag. The benefits of our Ceramic Reusable Cup don’t stop there though, the triple-wall vacuum insulation feature will keep your beverage hot for hours and hours. For many autumns to come, our Ceramic Reusable Cup is the perfect solution for keeping you warm and ditching single-use cups.


20oz/595ml Ceramic Reusable Bottle with Button Lid

Staying hydrated in the cooler months can be a task. Ensure you've always got water on-hand with our convenient 20oz/595ml Ceramic Reusable Bottle with Push Button Lid. Its compact size makes it ideal for those seeking to travel light this season and our Push Button Lid features a clever one-handed push-button that won’t spill, keeping the contents of your bag safe. Our reusable bottle allows you to embrace the season to its fullest without compromising on hydration or style.


Stainless Steel Bowls with Glass Lids

As the days get shorter, we know that the idea of cozying up on the sofa with takeaway gets more and more tempting. Thanks to our Stainless Steel Bowls, you can indulge guilt-free and keep up with your sustainability goals, even when takeout is calling your name! Our Stainless Steel Bowls offer a solution where you don’t have to choose between comfort, ease and sustainability. This set of two features a Large Bowl with a generous 50oz/1500ml capacity, alongside a Small Bowl which holds 24oz/700ml. Crafted with double-wall stainless steel and shatter-resistant borosilicate glass lids, you can seal in freshness without worry.


Insulated Food Container

When it’s chilly outside we all want a nice, toasty lunch to warm us up. Like comforting soups or delicious pasta, but it can be really tricky to keep your lunch at the perfect temperature until lunch, and nobody wants cold soup. Luckily, our Insulated Food Container takes care of this for you and will keep your food toasty and warm until you’re ready to dig in. Our Insulated Food Container is also a cute option for storing tea, coffee, snacks and even dog treats, whatever your heart desires. Available in four colours, Blushed, Cloud, Mint Gelato and Black and in two convenient sizes 10oz/475ml and 16oz/475ml, we have an Insulated Food Container perfect for everyone and every snack.

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