how to personalise a gift with emojis

Ahead of the gifting season, sydney writer and producer Sohan Judge takes us through ten emojis that you can monogram on your frank green gifts. Can't choose between alien, flower or sparkles? Sohan will make sure you select the right one for that special person in your life.

Sohan Judge holds a Buttermilk 68oz / 2L Ceramic Reusable Bottle that has been monogrammed with SOHAN and a star emoji

sohan judge is a sydney writer, producer and content creator. you may have seen her around buzzfeedoz taste testing snacks and doing fashion challenges. featured in this photo is the extra large 68oz / 2,000ml ceramic reusable bottle.

10oz / 475ml Ceramic Reusable Cup with Buttermilk base and Blushed lid with Flower emoji monogrammed



we all have a friend that radiates sunshine, right? they have a contagious smile and value finding joy in everyday moments – like that person who brings fresh flowers home every week to light up their space and romanticise their life. they probably take really good care of their house plants. when you go out with this person they hardly use their phone because they’re too busy living in the moment – they’re truly the main character and we love to see it.

the flower emoji is perfect for them because it gives off joyful, sweet and blissful vibes, which is exactly how this person makes you feel.



the star emoji is giving off boss energy and is perfect for your friend who is an overachiever. they’re good at everything they put their minds to, and seem to have a constant motivation and drive to be the best version of themselves.

what they need in life is friends who lift them up and support them on their journey – and the star will let them know you see them for the shining light they truly are.

10oz / 475ml Ceramic Reusable Cup with Mint Gelato base and Khaki lid with Star emoji monogrammed
10oz / 475ml Ceramic Reusable Cup with Cloud base and Lilac Haze lid with Heart emoji monogrammed



the heart emoji is the perfect select for someone who really feels their emotions – and the whole range of them. they’re not afraid to shed a tear and may even have a dedicated ‘cry’ playlist that they listen to every time they feel sad. but they’ll also stick up for you, share your anger when you’re going through a hard time, and know how to cheer you up.

it’s because they’re deeply empathetic, and the heart emoji will let them know that you love them and see them for all aspects of who they are.



if you can’t decide what to give that friend who makes being unique their entire personality, the alien emoji is a great monogram option for their next frank green pressie. your alien friend has the best wardrobe and curated aesthetic, plus they’re super creative and imaginative. they definitely shared extensive instagram stories explaining their spotify wrapped in the hopes that they will be seen.

the alien represents an otherworldly, mysterious energy, which is the perfect fit for this person.

10oz / 475ml Ceramic Reusable Cup with Lilac Haze base and Neon Pink lid with Alien emoji monogrammed
10oz / 475ml Ceramic Reusable Cup with Chrome Silver base and Blushed lid with Sparkles emoji monogrammed



you should gift the sparkles emoji to that friend who you go way back with. you may not see them as regularly as you used to, but you both share a bond over a previous era of your life and will always hold a special place for each other. when you meet up with them it’s like no time has passed.

this emoji represent your friendship – like the stars in the sky, they may be far away but you always know they’re there for you.


lightning bolt

you know that person who always seems to know things? they’ve got fun facts ready to bust out for any conversation topic, and are constantly in a pursuit of knowledge. they will always chat to you about an interesting documentary they watched, giving recommendations and sparking interesting discussions.

It is said in some cultures that the lightning bolt symbolises illumination and the destruction of ignorance – so it’s perfect for that friend who you feel like you always learn something from.

10oz / 475ml Ceramic Reusable Cup with Deep Ocean base and Lilac Haze lid with Lightning Bolt emoji monogrammed
10oz / 475ml Ceramic Reusable Cup with Blushed base and Buttermilk lid with Palm Tree emoji monogrammed


palm tree

which emoji do you choose for that friend who is barely around because they’re busy living it up overseas? the palm tree is a great choice for that person who is jetsetting around the world at every opportunity – they’re adventure-seekers and deeply value new experiences.

they’re also super organised, good at planning, big picture thinkers and dreamers – which is exactly how they’ve managed to manifest such a thrilling life for themselves.



i’m sorry to say it, but you absolutely have to get the paw emoji for that person who makes having a pet their personality. whether it’s a dog, cat, lizard or hamster, they’re beyond obsessed with their furry (or scaly) children. i’m not complaining, because i know we all love receiving hilarious videos of their pet doing something ridiculous – and it shows just how much love they have to give. they’re probably not going to have kids though, just more cats.

oh, and just so you know, frank green have launched their first ever pet collection which your friend will adore.

10oz / 475ml Ceramic Reusable Cup with Neon Orange base and Neon Pink lid with Paw emoji monogrammed
10oz / 475ml Ceramic Reusable Cup with Neon Pink base and Neon Orange lid with Martini emoji monogrammed



if you’re struggling to find the perfect emoji for your chaotic friend, look to the martini – a symbol of the good times, but also the lows that may follow. this is for that friend that tells you to ‘sleep when you’re dead’ when you’re hesitant to go out on a weeknight. they fluctuate from having all the energy to suddenly hibernating and you don’t hear from them for a week. they’re always late but when they arrive, they’re the life of the party – and they seem to know everyone.

under all that chaos there’s love in their heart, and they might be very sensitive underneath an outgoing, carefree exterior layer. cheers to the chaotic friend, we all need one in our lives.



the moon emoji is the perfect fit for the wise, witchy person in your life who’s always asking people for their rising sign, and then if you don’t know, they make you look up your astrological chart so you can get to know each other on a deeper level. if it’s not astrology, it’s personality tests or something adjacent.

this person is a great listener, and someone you’d go to for advice if you want the truth. it’s almost like they’re an old soul who has lived many lives and maybe even has a sixth sense. they’ll definitely appreciate the mystical vibes that the moon emoji emulates.

10oz / 475ml Ceramic Reusable Cup with Midnight base and Cloud lid with Moon emoji monogrammed

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