Our iconic bottles awarded #1 in a fiery test
of the best water bottles

Looking for the best water bottle to keep your drinks icy cold (especially when the heat turns up)? Watch the test below and read the design behind our 34oz/1L Ceramic Reusable Bottle that helped us take the crown as the best insulated water bottle.

frank green has come out on top in a fiery test against some of the best insulated water bottles, proving our reusable bottles are literally the coolest in the world.

Watch what happened when leading New Zealand radio station 'The Edge' ran an experiment on five popular drink bottles and their ability to withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius while each bottle is filled with 15 ice blocks!

The entire experiment was filmed live and has now gone viral with 1.6m views on TikTok alone. Four other water bottle brands were put to the test alongside frank green – Stanley Quencher, a Kmart tumbler, Hydroflask and Sistema.

After the bottles were placed and set alight in a kiln for up to five minutes our iconic 34oz/1L Ceramic Reusable Bottle was awarded the number 1 water bottle. Out of the 15 ice cubes placed inside the frank green bottle, only two melted in the fiery inferno. *We should say at this point that we do not recommend anyone at home run their own tests!

When we talk about award-winning design, we’re not just talking about the classic curves, perfect proportions, or irresistible colours of our 34oz/1L Ceramic Reusable Bottle. Our entire hydration range has been meticulously designed to ensure it provides the ultimate drinking experience.  

frank green Ceramic Reusable Bottles are triple-wall and vacuum insulated. The third wall is a ceramic lining and uniquely provides a thermal barrier – so cold stays cold and hot stays hot for hours! While the bottle is made from durable stainless steel, the ceramic lining keeps your drink tasting just the way you like it (no nasty metallic flavoured water here). Plus, all of our products are BPA free, FDA & EU approved safe materials.

Our founder Benjamin Young said it was no surprise that the fan-favourite bottle is ahead of the pack.

“To be honest we weren't totally surprised that our reusable bottle outperformed the others. It’s all thanks to tens of thousands of hours we spend on research and development to ensure we only deliver quality products our customers want and need.”

“The ceramic lining is a game changer and provides real benefits to our customers. In fact, we use unique production processes that set the standard for quality and performance in the industry.”

Our 34oz/1L Ceramic Reusable Bottle can be used with any of our universal lids. From gym days to beach days, we've got a lid for any activity and any preferred sipping experience!

*Disclaimer: frank green was not involved with The Edge segment that featured their product in any way. It was conducted under the supervision of pyrotechnic experts from Reel FX.

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